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Biblical Experience Trips


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TBG Training Services has been offering Biblical trips since 2007.


TBG Training Services works with participating groups from 1 person – 15 people. We see the value in offering people a smaller and more intimate setting as they come on a Biblical trip for the first time or a returning visit.


Our approach provides a concierge level of service for your trip. We meet you where you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally, ensuring you are well cared for while on your trip.


Come and rest, learn, and grow in faith.  Most important of all is experiencing how the WORD of God is living and active from where it was spoken.
We look forward to serving you in your desire to come to on a Biblical Experience trip in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, or Rome.

Places We Visit

Saudi Arabia

“We need to open our hearts to the one who created us. Our lives were designed for life and life more abundant in freedom. No longer a slave to the brokenness of iniquity but the reality of victory”

– Todd Horton

Trips We Offer

The Jewish experience, will plant seeds of Identity and heritage right into your heart.

Come see famous Biblical places and more in a customized trip tailored for you.

Ready to get your heart rate up?

From cycling to hiking, caving to zip lining, ATV’s to diving with dolphins,

horseback riding to camping, rock climbing to skydiving, and all kinds of water sports.

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From one generation to the next

Come build and strengthen your paternal bond with your son. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Find your heart, rediscover a life of freedom, adventure, and manly passion.

Here are some ideas:

Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Vacations, Corporate Events, Weddings, Reunions, Christmas, and more…

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Our group leader was born and raised in Brentwood, TN.

Dr Todd Allen Horton has a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy and has been leading private Christian tours for the past 11 years.

A bucket list journey

Plan the trip of a life time and mark it off your bucket list.

With your feet on the ground, let your heart take you where it pleases.

The everlasting bond

Step out of your routine and create time and space to focus on what’s really important in your life; your everlasting bond with your daughter.

Customize your trip with your daughter to make it.

When time is of the essence.

With a direct contact to the American Embassy, we can offer a superior service when time is of the essence.

Limo drivers, reservations, and recreational activities.

“What a splendid time. Words cannot begin to describe the impact of this trip and the visits to so many important Biblical places. They have profoundly enlivened my sense of the stories and the impact of their message. As moving was to be with your family. Every one of you is a delight. In just a few days with you, I know already that I will miss you all.”

– Dudley Rose

“It has been so very much more of a blessing to us than when we were here 28 years ago. It has made the scriptures come alive, helping us understand the different places, customs, and people more than we have in the past.”

– Karla Marx

“Firstly, we cannot thank you enough for making this a trip of a lifetime. We just feel so incredibly lucky to have found you and that you were willing to show us Israel. We made it to the airport safely! Cannot thank you enough for all that you did. You MADE this trip for us!”

– Alder Bellevie

“Your thoughtful planning and tours combined with your scriptural presentations have made the land come alive and helped clarify the Scriptures in our minds. We will never forget our Israel Experience or our new friends. The experience exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Thank you and may God bless you and your family”

– Greg & Sandy McBrayer

“Mr Horton is an excellent travel professional and public relations specialist that helps educate individuals regarding Israel’s history & culture and offers excellent tours throughout the country.”

– Joe Diaz – Israel Ministry of Tourism

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– Capernaum

What Others Have Said About Our Trips

“….Our family trip to Israel really allowed me time to reflect upon who God is and all He has done for me in my life so far. Realizing that I was standing where my saviour once stood was truly amazing. It helped me see that the Lord truly came to earth where we live. My favourite parts of the trip were singing praise songs in the Garden Tomb with other believers from around the world and riding in a boat across the Sea of Galilee. Travelling through Israel really opened my eyes to the history of the bible and Jesus’s life. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was able to share it with my family….”

– Briana – TN – March 2011

“God had been calling our family to Israel for years. We decided to heed the calling and wanted our extended family to come, too. My husband, David, began to search the internet for Holy Land Tours and stumbled across Touched By Grace. He called Todd and it was a perfect fit! Our beliefs matched Todd’s and we set him free to plan the perfect trip for us.
It was so wonderful to have Todd there with us during our travels. He is extremely knowledgeable and developed a fabulous itinerary of our group of 15 (ranging in ages from 7 to 72)!  Our lives and the lives of our children are changed forever. Our faith is now 3-D! We read the bible and listen to sermons and can “see” where all these places were (are).

– Ashley Dill – TN – March 2011

“….My favourite part of the experience was the trip’s Family Feel. It was extremely special for me to be in Israel with my own son and daughter, where I am a grafted-in-child of the Highest God who begot and raised His own Son there. We three felt that the high light of the trip was our experience in the Garden Tomb where we received communion with a family from the Brentwood area. That morning was a bright Spring morning where we listened to the Word of God and Todd’s presentation of communion to us all….”

– Lynn Spaw – TN – March 2011

“….Knowing I was walking in the same places Jesus walked was meaningful, but the one place that touched me the most was the Garden Tomb. I shed a few tears there. Sharing communion with others in our group there and singing “How Great Thou Art” with the group from Brazil brought more tears. It is so much easier for me to relate to my daily Bible readings because of the trip. It brought the Bible stories to life! Hope all is going well with you….”

– H. L. Hall – TN – March 2011

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